Friday, July 29, 2011

14th Annual HEIVA I MAUI Updates


We are 15 days away and busily preparing for the event!


For all solo participants and vendors, just a few reminders and/or additional information;

1) Solo Registration for ALL solo participants will be on;
Friday, August 12th from 700pm AND on Saturday, August 13th @ 8am at the War Memorial
Gym (event venue).

*Groups/Pupu Ori who are entering a number of soloist may have a representative
group/Pupu Ori is allowed to check-in ALL oloists.

2) Solo competition will be held on Saturday only with the awards ceremony all on Sunday
for all categories.

2) Vendors who will be utilizing their own tents - please be certain that you confirm your
spot first with a EVENT STAFF member PRIOR to setting up.


1) Doors open at 10am on both days and the event will begin with our opening ceremonies.

2) Solo Competition is held on Saturday, August 13th ONLY with the awards held on Sunday

for ALL categories.

3) Group Competition will be held on both days with no specific categories on either day.

4) Craft and food vendors will be conducting business on both Saturday and Sunday some as

early as 8am.

5) The competition usually ends approximately between 345pm - 5pm on both days.

6) Tickets are available for purchase at our ticket outlets.

We want to thank you for visiting us here and hope that you'll be joining us this year!

Mauruuru Roa!

Heiva I Maui Event Staff

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We are still accepting solo and group competition applications! As well as craft/merchandise vendor applications.

To download an application, please go to our APPLICATION tab located above and click on the pdf file of your choice.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at;

Mauruuru Roa!
Heiva I Maui Event Staff