About Us


We are a non-profit organization that organizes the Heiva I Maui a Tahitian dance and drumming competition. 

We are not cultural experts and don't claim to be.  We try our utmost best to work with the resources we have and do this for the love, respect and admiration that we have for the Tahitian culture. With the help and guidance of Tahitian cultural advisors we bring this event to all of you!

Maui Polynesian Tahiti Fete Organization is a Non-Profit Organization that was established in 1997. Our purpose is to create and sponsor programs, festivals, workshops, and special functions for our community for all ages and ethnicities. We seek sponsorship, in-kind services and donations from individuals, small and big businesses and believe that this helps bind the community together as partners. Within the events, we also provide fundraising opportunities for other non-profit organizations.

Our mission for Heiva I Maui is to promote goodwill amongst multi-ethnic cultures here in Hawai’i through a dance and drumming competition within a festival. Our volunteer staff has worked together for the past 12 years devoting their countless hours to organize and coordinate this festival each year. We strive to do our best with the resources available, set new challenges and goals each year.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to having you join us this year! Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, Lolita @ (808) 281-4992 or email heivaimaui@yahoo.com.

Lolita Eugenio, President MPTF, Org.